Moonlight, Call Me By Your Name

Twenty (20) points each. One hundred (100) points total. Each answer must be a minimum of 200 words and the format of your paper must be 12pt Arial and single-spaced. Please rewrite the question in your response to identify the question that you are answering. You will be awarded 0 through 10 points based on the clarity and detail of your answer. Bullet points are not accepted and you will not receive any points if a question is answered in that format. To reinforce your point(s) and to earn a higher grade per question, three (3) or more scenes must be referenced in each question, identify the timecode (ex: use 2m:10s-5m:10s as a time marker), and elaborate on the premise or action within each scene that you are referencing.Please ensure that you observe the requirements of this response. This response counts for 5% of your semester grade. Deadline for is Sunday, October 17th by 11:59PM. Late submissions face a penalty of five (5) points per day after the deadline. Late submissions are not accepted unless permitted by the Instructor.QuestionsPlease refrain from answering questions in a manner that compartmentalizes multi-part answers. Write your response in a manner that reads like a conversation, one that exhibits both your conversational tone and a writing style that displays a command of the topic(s) at hand. Use references accordingly and do so in a manner that supports your point(s).  1. Moonlight (2018) is a phenomenal movie that tackled the issues of sexual identity, masculinity, and poverty. Through three different stages of Chiron’s life, we see his struggles. We see the carnage of poverty, addiction and hopelessness ensnare his life. The movie serves as a constant reminder of the mask we all wear, to hide who we are, from the world and the people we love. The lessons we learn in school play a vital role in our development. Chiron’s experience with school was characterized by constant harassment. Juan, whose character is played by Mahershala Ali, is the fatherly figure that is missing in Chiron’s life. A) How important are positive reinforcements in the life of someone struggling with their sexual orientation? B) How can we make the environment safer in school for all students, especially LGBT students?  2. Brokeback Mountain (2007) has been described as “a gay cowboy movie,” which is a cruel simplification. It is the story of a time and place where two men are forced to deny the only great passion either one will ever feel. Their tragedy is universal. It could be about two women, or lovers from different religious or ethnic groups — any ‘forbidden’ love.” A) What did you take away from this film about the essential nature of people, no matter what their gender or color orientation? B) Why does Jack hold Brokeback Mountain responsible for their passion? What was it about that summer that couldn’t be repeated? C) How important is it that Joe Aguirre confronts Jack about their homosexuality instead of Ennis? How would Ennis have reacted if it did?3. Luca Guadagnino’s films are all about the transformative power of nature—the way it allows our true selves to shine through and inspires us to pursue our hidden passions. Never has this been more true than in Call Me By Your Name (2017), a lush and vibrant masterpiece about first love set amid the warm, sunny skies, gentle breezes and charming, tree-lined roads of northern Italy. A) What is the message of Call Me By Your Name? B) Did Oliver really love Elio?4. It wasn’t until the late ’60s that films with gay-related themes even had a chance of making it into a movie theater. The “X” rating were handed out if films had any type of “homosexual” context, no matter how subtle. Nowadays, audiences can enjoy films that were once given suppressible ratings and kept from theaters merely because a character in the film is gay. Subsequently, filmmakers can delve deeper and introduce audiences to more complex LGBT issues. The subtleties of themes in these films and the Directors’ ability to bend genres in a manner that blurs the lines of its intended audience, makes films like these the perfect conduit for delivering messages of empathy, love, and hope. The themes and genre of these films are significant to the narrative and overall representation of its characters. A) What is the significance of moonlight in the Moonlight (2018)? How does it play into the film’s existing theme of identity? B) How does the story of Brokeback Mountain fit in the western genre? Is it even a western to begin with? Why or why not? C) What is the role of nature in Call Me By Your Name? D) How does the environment play a role in all three movies?5. In all three films, socioeconomic status made some protagonists’ circumstances difficult to overcome, while others were able to navigate society much more nimbly due to race, status, and affluence. A) Does one’s socioeconomic status further complicate one’s sexual identity? B) Identify one (1) or more moments in each film that exhibits such disparity that it affects a protagonist’s lifestyle and inability to live their life freely. C) How can we remedy this situation?Lecture #003 – LGBTQI