MORAL AGENCY IN SOCIETY -> Examine and assess the concept of collective responsibility and its possible applications.

Hello. You have to do a UK PHILOSOPHICAL CRITICAL AND ANALYTICAL ESSAY. Read carefully the instructions, I will know if you don’t, and will ask you to do the essay again. Follow every step when planning and writing the essay.

Before explaining the question of the essay itself, I’m going to explain how I want you to do the essay . The essay has to have SCHOLARSHIP, INDEPENDENCE, and ORGANISATION. 1- SCHOLARSHIP: demonstrate an understanding of the material. A grasp of different authors’ views; knowledge of a debate, especially the arguments involved. For EACH ARGUMENT YOU INVOLVED you have to explain: Why we should think this or that? What the main challenges for a view are? How a conclusion is supported? This requires to you to use the readings, it is compulsory for you to use Miller ‘Holding nations responsible’ and May