Moreover, the Written Brief must be fully responsive to the Written Brief

Moreover, the Written Brief must be fully responsive to the Written Brief question identified in each Module and include: a critical overview of the assigned readings for the Module and your own minimum single peer reviewed/scholarly article, significant facts or information disclosed in the readings and research related to the question, and your scholarly and practical conclusions drawn based upon your own informed fact-based and evidence-based inductive or deductive reasoning derived from the readings.  The Brief requirement is intended to display, develop and sharpen your *critical thinking, cognitive skills, and problem-solving abilities, as well as your writing skills. Your objective in writing this assignment is to clearly articulate your assessment and analysis of the information presented by the author(s) and your application of that information in meaningfully and substantively responding to the Written Brief question. 

In preparing your written briefs merely follow the APA 7 Professional (not Student) Style and Format as noted at the following link:

Note the Running head on each page (the Running head must be identical to the paper title on the cover page or an abbreviation if the title is lengthy)

Page number on each page (upper right and parallel to the Running head which is upper left)

Cover page (I will not require the “author’s note” on the cover page)

Abstract page with keywords properly positioned at the base of the Abstract paragraph (do not use the word “will” in the abstract – the abstract is technically a very brief summary of the content to be written after the body is completed) Note: the word Abstract is centered – Keywords are the operant terms 

Body of the writing with appropriate or as-needed headings/sub-headings

References page with citations that have hanging indents (the word References is centered top)

Note: Always in-text cite and reference your assigned readings for the specific Module in your briefs as well as at least one peer reviewed/scholarly journal article

In addition to addressing, citing, and referencing the assigned readings each brief must also cite and reference at least one related peer-reviewed scholarly journal article identified by the student. Each student identified peer-reviewed article may be used in no more than two written briefs during the term.

The Written Brief must address the question provided below:

Why have women historically and globally been over-represented as victims and survivors of gender-based crimes but under-represented as actors (practitioners) in the criminal justice system?

See assigned reading below.


The INL Guide to Gender in the Criminal Justice System addresses the exclusion of women in criminal justice institutions in addition to confronting exclusion, discrimination, and sexual and gender-based violence

INL Guide to Gender in the Criminal Justice System


Understanding the International Criminal Court addresses the crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and crimes of aggression. The preceding includes gender and sex-based crimes as addressed under Section III of the reading. The entire document should be read for a complete understanding of the role and jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court.

Understanding the International Criminal Court