Morningside College Department of Nursing NUR 307 Concept Paper Rubric Name: Title:

Morningside College

Department of Nursing

NUR 307

Concept Paper Rubric



Possible Points

Earned Points




Needs Improvement



A clear statement of the main conclusion of the paper. (5)

The thesis is obvious, but there is no single clear statement of it. (4 -3)

The thesis is present, but must be uncovered or reconstructed from the text of the paper. (2 -1)

There is no identifiable thesis statement. (0)


Concept or issue description

Thesis is clear, and continued in the introduction. Concept is introduced and thoroughly described. (25 – 20)

Thesis is contained in the introduction. The concept is introduced and discussed with adequate description.

(19 – 12)

Thesis is very vague and difficult to identify. Concept is introduced without adequate description.

(11 – 5)

There is no identifiable thesis. Concept is poorly introduced.

(4 – 0)


Nurse’s Role in health assessment, promotion and maintenance in relation to concept and patient

Roles are clearly defined and explained. Examples are given showing how the role is related between concept and patient.

(25 – 20)

Roles are discussed in the paper. Some support is evident connecting the roles with patient and health. (19– 12)

Roles are vaguely discussed with

little connection of the concept and the patient.

(11 – 5)

Elements are missing or severely lacking in development. (4 – 0)


Ethical Considerations

Ethical considerations related to the concept are clearly defined and detailed. Solidly supported by literature.

(10 – 8)

Ethical considerations discussed. Some support through literature.

(7 – 5)

Vague discussion of ethical considerations.

(6 – 1)

Ethical considerations omitted from the paper.




Literature is current and pertinent to the topic chosen. Shows synthesis of information and literature supports thoughts and ideas.

(10 – 8)

Majority of the literature is current.

(7 – 5)

Philosophy is vague and does not connect beliefs and values to nursing practice. (4 – 2)

Philosophy shows no reflection or personal beliefs or values. Does not connect to nursing practice.

(1 – 0)



Very effective summation of paper. Main points of the author are clearly identified. (5)

Summary ties up some loose ends.

(4 – 3)

The summary is merely a restatement of the introduction.

(2 – 1)

The summary is missing.



Grammar, APA, and Writing Mechanics

Paper is clean with appropriately used APA format.

There are no incomplete or run-on sentences.

There are virtually no spelling or grammatical errors.


There are a few minor spelling or grammatical errors. Fewer than 5 APA errors. (9-5)

There are a number of spelling and grammatical errors with 5-10 APA formatting errors. (4-1)

Paper is unacceptably written with greater than 10 spelling/grammatical and/or APA errors.



Power Point Presentation (Online Audio Presentation)

Presentation is 8-10 minutes.

Each portion of the paper is addressed in the paper, including reference page at end.

Slides are easy to read and professional.

Presenter’s speech is easy to understand.


Presentation is under 8 minutes.

1-2 portions of the paper is missing in the presentation.

Some grammatical errors.


There are several areas from the paper missing on the powerpoint, slides are unorganized, presentation does not flow, speech is difficult to understand, several grammar errors noted. (4-1)

No presentation turned in (both audio and power point portions).