Movie Study Guide – The Patriot 1.The movie opens in the fields

Movie Study Guide – The Patriot

1.The movie opens in the fields of Benjamin Martin’s farm – In which region of the country is the movie set? How do you know this?

2.When the men are at the statehouse, what are they arguing about?

Benjamin Martin argues against joining the militia with this quote, “Can American colonies govern themselves and should they?” What would your answer to this question be if you were a colonist during the Revolution?

Martin also states, “children will learn of the war with their own eyes”. What is your reaction to this statement?

Martin’s final quote is “I can’t /won’t fight & won’t vote for others to fight for me”. Do you agree with this statement when it comes to fighting a war?

3.When Colonel Tavington comes to the Martin farm and kills the Martin boy, the men discuss rules of war. Are there rules in warfare? Is killing a boy and burning the house fair play?

4.When Cornwallis & Tavington are having their meeting, they are talking about how wars are fought. Cornwallis says we need to fight like gentlemen & that people are judged by the manner in which a war is fought. What does this mean?

5.When Gabriel enters the church to ask for militia volunteers, Anne gives a very rousing speech, “when you are needed most, do you stop only at words? Act upon your beliefs you have so strongly spoken”. When it comes down to it, would you back your beliefs or country with your life? Why or why not?

6.Is there a difference between war & murder?

7.Is it fair to burn the townspeople in the church? Would you come forward/be the traitor? “There’s no honor in this” is there honor in war?

8.Quote said to Benjamin Martin after Gabriel passed away, “nothing will replace your sons, but you can justify their sacrifice”. Why do men feel they can justify death?

9.Benjamin Martin’s last quote, “my hope and prayer is that the sacrifices borne by so many…will spawn and fulfill the promise of our new nation.” What does that mean?

10.What does it mean to be a Patriot? Why should we value those patriots/veterans who gave everything for us to have the life we have?