Music Concert Review

This assignment is an opportunity for you to explore live American popular musicperformances online (YouTube, Vimeo, etc). You will choose a live online performance beforeweek 15.Requirements:• The concert you will watch will be of music American popular music. Note: A steep gradereduction of no less than 80% will apply to any assignments that do not fulfill this very basicrequirement. Your concert review will be about an American artist or band. More informationis available in the FAQ document;• The performance program will be around 60 minutes long;• The assignment is about the music performed, the bands, and its composers/members, as wellas your personal opinion of the music played during the concert.• You will research information about the works that were performed, the band, and itscomposers/members.• You will also listen to recordings of the works before watching the online live performance;• You will include in this assignment:• band, band members/composer’s background (biography of the band, its members,its composers);• your opinion of the live performance you watched online;• your impressions of the works that were performed;• name of the performers/band you listened to before watching the online liveperformance.• You will include a bibliography• You will include a link of the online live concert you watched;• You will include the names of the bands and song titles of the concert you watched online;• Recordings are available to you at no cost at: YouTube, Vimeo, Spotify, and various otheronline music providers.• Information about the bands/composers can be found at no cost to you at:…• Please, do not use Wikipedia.