My Journey Towards Becoming An Atheist My journey toward becoming an atheist

My Journey Towards  Becoming An Atheist

My journey toward becoming an atheist began when I was five years old. My dad was a religious influence when I was growing up, but my perspective changed as I got older. My family was not religious at all, except for one person. My dad was a devoted catholic with very strong views about it. My mom thought religion was fake and a waste of her time, energy, and money. Here I had my mom and dad with opposite beliefs about religion; my mom would never talk about religion, while my dad did so every day. As the oldest and first child, the views of my dad have been passed on to me. He started to impose his beliefs on me when I was five years old. I remember I would start going to church every Saturday and Sunday with my dad, and he would guide me on what to do during the service. This was all new to me, but I never questioned my dad why I also needed to become religious like him. I realize that I love my dad a lot and that I’m willing to be just like him, and that is where my religious path started. Forwarding two years to the future, when I was seven years old, I was a different person, the person my dad wanted me to become all along. By this time, I had done my first communion and confirmation and been baptized all in the same church and by the same priest. Not only that, but I also became an altar girl at the same church. I would help the priest with the service and after the service. I was so happy that I could help at the church and be in the house of God. I would put on a rosary when I would get up, and I would put it away when I would go to bed.

 I started my religiousness when I was five years old, and by the time I was 7, I was all in. I would pray one time in the morning, two times in the afternoon, and two times before going to bed. I did this because I wanted to be devoted to God. Also, my dad and I carried a small bible and would read it during our free time, and I think I finished the bible like ten times and would read it again. Dad and I would also do the rosary prayers before going to bed with the rosaries we wore around our necks. Pretty much, I had become as devoted to God as my dad was, and religion became my identity as a person. I shared the same view my dad had. I became this person not because I wanted to but because I wanted to please my dad. I wanted, in some way, to be like my dad. But he went too far with his beliefs, and now I was taught by my dad to hate other denominations of Christians, and this influenced my behaviour against these people. I was small, and as a kid, I did what my dad wanted, so I did not question him, but over the time, I realized that this hate was wrong. I guess the responsibility of being religious and how I needed to act was hard. Also, having to hate other people for having opposing religious views to mine was exhausting and the breaking point for me. Also, my prayers never come to light. Since I was small, I have always prayed to God. I really believed in God when I was young. I believed everything I was taught by my dad and the church community, and I learned that when you’re struggling in life, you can always go to God and ask for help, so that is what I did. I would pray to God 5 times a day, begging him for help, and help never came to me. I realized that what people were saying about prayer was fake and not even possible. I realized that I was brainwashed, and I was mad about living my life that way. 

Throughout my life, I have learned that religion is not what people seem to claim, but instead is a dangerous weapon used to control us by powerful leaders to get what they want without caring about human life. To me, that breaks the whole morals of what religion is supposed to be. My father’s religious views had a big impact on how I view religion today. He helped me see the ugly side of religion and made me want to break the chain of religiousness in my family. I didn’t follow in his footsteps but instead, reject his beliefs. I was blind and brainwashed to become super religious and to hate other denominations of Christians. This was not my doing but my dad’s. To me, religion has the definition of violence; my dad was one of those powerful leaders who used religion to please their needs and did not care if they had to use people or hurt them in the process. I feel like I was being controlled by my dad, who tried hard to push his beliefs on me, which he succeeded in for many years. Until I was tired of all this religious life and the pressure that came with it, I decided I was done. I disassociated myself from religion, and this made me feel liberated.

There was one event in my life when I was small that changed even more how and why I view religion the way I do. I used to be someone that helped the priest during and after the church service in my hometown. I thought the priest was an honest and kind person, and I felt lucky to work for him, but I did not realize he was a corrupt and bad person. When he would send me to collect the money before the end of the service, the money was put in a locked box inside the church. The priest would tell me that the money collected was used to improve the church and other things, but I never expected to catch him taking the money from the box, putting it in a bag he had and then taking the money with him. He could have been taking the money to the bank to deposit on the church’s behalf, but was is suspicious is that his lifestyle was very expensive. I do remember him wearing a watch that looked expensive; not only that, but my hometown was poor, so that confirmed my suspicions about where that money was really going to. I was a kid but not a fool. I knew exactly what he was doing. I felt so mad and sick to have seen that. I felt even worse when I realized he was taking money from people that are poor. I knew that they thought that by donating, they would somehow receive something from God, but instead, they were being robbed by the priest they so much love and look up to. I do not know if I was unlucky with religion, but I kept seeing the ugly truth most do not want to see or accept.

            I would like to give you a small background of what atheism is for the ones who do not know. Atheist is the disbelief of any god or divine person that comes from the bible; we believe that God is not real and that the bible is also not general, atheists do not believe in a superior being, and for me personally, the bible has not been proven with concrete evidence. Also, I’m someone who likes to believe in the facts, and so things that are not proven to be true make it hard for me to believe.

The division religion has caused against humans. In today’s society, I can see that the world is more divided than ever before, and there are many things that divide us humans, but one of these divisions is religion. Religion has been around for a very long time. I feel like maybe religion was different back then, but today’s religion is considered violence motivated by a powerful man. The fact that people claim their religion is the true religion and are willing to kill each other to prove themselves is sickening to me. When and how did it come to this point? Why is a religion not used for what it’s meant, and instead used as a powerful tool to control people? We have been taught as kids that religion has to be a part of us because that defines us in the world, but what it does is to create division among each other. Some people would go as far as to commit genocide because they think their religion is superior. They have been brainwashed by powerful leaders to think that their actions and crimes are okay because they are doing God’s will. 

There are many problems in society that are caused by the imposition of religion.

One of the biggest problems that I can articulate religion causes is the issue of abortion. Many religious groups believe that abortion is murder, and so they try to outlaw it. This puts women in a difficult position, as they may not be able to get the medical care they need if they are pregnant and do not want to be. It also puts doctors in a difficult position, as they may be reluctant to perform abortions even when they are legal. Another big problem that religion causes is the issue of gay rights. Many religious groups believe that being gay is a sin, and so they try to discriminate against gays. This can make it difficult for gays to get jobs, housing, and other basic rights. It also makes it difficult for them to form relationships and families. Personally, I see this as another kind of discrimination.

Women’s rights are also often limited by religion. Many religious groups believe that women are not equal to men, and so they try to limit women’s rights. This can include things like not allowing women to vote, own property, or work outside the home. It can also include forcing women to wear certain types of clothing, such as a hijab.

Underage marriage is also a problem in many parts of the world because of religion. Many religious groups believe that it is acceptable for girls to marry young, sometimes as young as 12 or 13. This can cause problems for the girls, as they may not be ready for marriage and may not be able to consent to sex. It can also lead to problems like domestic violence and child abuse.

I know that i bring a lot of strong issues that we have in socarty but all of this is connected to religion and why it has come so far as to divide us. this is a big problem for many of the people that represent this groups because they live their lifes dominated by the rules powerful people have created. all these points of concern that I’m bring up are what made me wake up and see that by being part of a religion broke everything that I belief in.