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QUALIFICATIONS: Skilled professional with more than fifteen years’ experience inpatient, outpatient and Medicare managed care. Has an extensive knowledge and experience with emergency and specialty medicine. Displays outstanding leadership and communication skills. Has 6 years of LPN experience. Recently completed LPN to RN program and is currently working as a RN.


Standard Healthcare School of Nursing, Falls Church, Virginia

Major: Registered Nurse

Graduation date: May 16, 2020 (Honors)

Standard Healthcare School of Nursing weekend program, Falls Church, Virginia

Major: License Practical Nurse, Diploma May 24, 2014 (Honors)

License Practical Nurse obtained August/2014

Northeastern University, Boston, MA,

Major: Health Science

Framingham High School, Framingham, MA

High School Diploma, May 1998

EMR CHARTING EXPERIENCE: Cerner, Epic, SMS, Pyxis, eClinical works, GE Healthcare, MedOnc, PreManage, Facets, Community Care, DMAS portal, ICUE, Medictech


INOVA FAIRFAX HOSPITAL, Falls Church VA August 2020- June 2021

Trauma Acute Care Surgery/Trauma IMC

Registered Nurse

Identifies irregular telemetry readings and notifies appropriate medical team members.

Initiates corrective action whenever information from monitoring equipment shows adverse symptomatology.

Administers, infuses high risk medications such as Heparin, Milrinone, Insulin and Cardizem drips.

Monitors and maintains patency of artificial airways, suctions to remove secretions, and change inner cannulas per MD orders. Observes G tube checking patency and confirming placement, wound care, and monitors the proper functioning of the KCI wound vac.

Monitors lab and blood gases. Pours and dispenses medications, documents information using EMR Que Shift, performs IV insertions, and dispenses fluids and antibiotics per doctors’ orders.

Utilizes critical thinking skills in gathering patient information. Assists with  bedside care, bathing, toileting and oral care.

Monitors medication regimen and therapeutic lab values for anticoagulation therapy.

Assesses and monitors for signs and symptoms of infection and change dressings to drive line insertion site of trauma surgery and trauma IMCpatients.

Monitors and documents mean arterial pressure, blood pressure, numerical settings or waves forms on monitor for trauma surgery and trauma IMC patient’s in electronic medical record in EPIC.

UNITED HEALTHCARE, Reston VA (Remote) September 2020- Present

RN Case Manager, Fairfax VA

Assess, plan and implement care management interventions of high risk maternity and NICU patients that are individualized for each patient and directed toward the most appropriate, least restrictive level of care

Assist hospitals with discharge planning, which also includes coordinating private duty nursing for patients with for tracheotomy, ventilators and G-tube

Identify and initiate referrals for both healthcare and community-based services; including but not limited to financial, psychosocial, community and state supportive services

Develop and implement care plan interventions throughout the continuum of care as a single point of contact. Advocate for patients and families as needed to ensure the patients choices and needs are met

Communicate with all stakeholders the required health-related information to ensure quality coordinated care and services are provided expeditiously to all members

UNITED HEALTHCARE, Reston VA (Remote) December 2017- September 2020

LPN Telephonic Community Health Worker

Making outbound calls and taking inbound calls to assess members’ current health status    Follows specific timeframes for member outreach, health risk assessments and facilitation of care team meetings with the member, caregivers, and other members of the health care team to coordinate the members plan of care

Identify and facilitate community resources for members as needed

Identifying gaps or barriers in treatment plans

Providing patient education to assist with self – management

Interacting with primary care providers, pharmacists and other clinicians on a continual basis to coordinate the members care

Encouraging members to make healthy lifestyle changes

INOVA LOUDOUN HOSPITAL, Leesburg VA August 2016- July 2020

Emergency Department

Licensed Practical Nurse

Gathered patient’s medical history, Conducted reassessment, monitored vital signs, reported changes to the doctor, inserted IVs for procedures, administered meds (oral and Intramuscular), developed charts, Assisting ER physicians with procedures, ultrasound guided IV insertion, visual acuity eye exams

Monitored for the signs and symptoms of the ill effects of medications prior, during and after procedures.

Perform EKG and obtain tracings for critical emergency department patients. Prepare patients for heart catherization procedures for acute myocardium infarctions.

Wound care, Perform splinting, crutch walk education, specimen collection, Foley/Straight catherization insertion and discharge planning for the emergency department patients. Perform EKG and obtain tracings


Triage Nurse LPN February 2015-August 2016

Performing assessments on clinical trial and chemo patient’s

Receive incoming triage sick calls, administering chemo injections

Performing central line dressing changes

Patient teaching/education and medication refills

Submit medical diagnosis codes for hospice, home health and infusion

Requesting prior authorizations for medications and diagnostic procedures

Processing appeals for denied authorizations and managed the utilization of specialty drugs and follow Medicare guidelines

Measure vital signs, and coordinate care between infusion center and hospital admissions department

Access medi/power ports, Perform venipuncture, triage sick calls and scheduling.


Charge Nurse LPN-PRN February 2015-February 2016

Shift leadership position that oversees personal care resident assistants and personal care helpers.

Oversee the resident’s day-to-day care, medication assistance/administration, and medication reconciliation and resident care plans and files.

Assist the nursing director to assure the facility is in compliance with all state rules and regulations.

Coordinate care with doctors, family, residents, and outside agencies to maintain the best possible level of health for each resident.

Acts as a designated responsible person in the absence of the manager.

Assist personal care manager with scheduling, development and supervising staff

HOMESTEAD HOSPICE, Cartersville GA October 2014-August 2015

Licensed Practical Nurse-Part-time

Provide end-of-life care to patients in their home or facility.

Assisted in planning and caring for the family and patient’s needs

Administered sublingual, by mouth, Intramuscular and subcutaneous medications

Observe for physical and emotional changes in a patient’s condition from prescribed medications and treatments. Document and report abnormal findings

Support instruct and educate family, patient and caregiver on care

Maintain the dignity of the dying patient

Hourly documentation of patient’s condition

Perform treatments such as vital signs, injections, dressing changes, accu-checks

Provide postmortem care to the expired patient

Participate in interdisciplinary team meetings to coordinate care for hospice patient

KAISER PERMANENTE, Kennesaw, GA March 2014-October 2014

Orthopedic Technician

Responsible for applying cast, splint and braces

Assist the department supervisor with daily staff assignments and making adjustments as necessary.

Responsible for staying current with orthopedic trends, care and supplies.

Responsible for setting up injections for procedure

Responsible for assisting providers with injections

Facilitate with handling problematic work situations within the department

Responsible for scheduling appointments for members

Rooming patient’s and performing vital signs

Stocking exam rooms


Clinical Assistant December 2012-March 2014

Medical management of diabetes, hypertension, colorectal, and kidney disease

Prepare the patient for medical examination

Accurately and efficiently enter physician orders into HealthConnect system, and retrieve patient and physician information including diagnostic test results from system.

Assist with application of knee immobilizer splints, wrist splints, Velcro thumb Spica splints, cane and crutch training.

Performing hearing screening on pediatric population

Performing EKG on adults/pediatric patients, and obtaining tracings

Measuring vital signs and immediately notifying physician or other licensed health care provider of patients observed to be in distress

Keep exam and procedure rooms stocked and cleaned

Assisting with scheduling follow-up appointments and activities as recommended by the physician

Conduct outreach calls for colorectal, cervical cancer, breast cancer and hypertension screening

Conduct vision-screening tests to include visual acuity, pupil exams and corneal abrasion workup.


Emergency Medical Technician August 2009-Sept 2013

Perform IV insertion and routine venipuncture, vital signs, suture removal and arterial blood gas collection, EKG, foley catheter insertion

Transport of patient specimens, orders, supplies and document as needed

Assists ER physicians with procedures, ultrasound guided IV insertion, visual acuity eye exams

Assist in monitoring mental health patients, specimen collection, and arterial blood gas test.

Replenish department stock items when required

Perform various splinting, fitting and applying pre-operative braces, ortho-glass and plaster splint, perform crutch walk education and assist with orthopedic procedure

Perform point of care glucose using the correct technique; perform controls on point of care glucose machine every 24 hours.

Provide physical comfort and emotional needs of patients and their families


Certificate of honor with a completing GPA of 3.75 Licensed Practical nurse Program.

Awarded Loudoun Hospital Foundation and Family Nursing Scholarship (2019)

Awarded Ladies Board Nursing Scholarship (2019)


American Heart Association

Healthcare Provider

BLS Certification valid through July 2014

TNCC expires 2025

REFERENCES Furnished upon request