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Monitoring and Post ContractThird party relationship managers use a series of agreements, tools and processes to manage third parties. They are:
Service descriptions
Service level agreements (SLA)
Operating level agreements (OLA)
Key performance indicators (KPIs)
Transition and implementation project plans
Financial and budget management practices
Pricing tables
Invoice review/audit procedures
Project plans and commitments
Automation and process improvement plans
Change-management processes and logs
Issue and incident management processes
Communication plans and tools
Dispute-resolution processes
Escalation protocols
User-satisfaction surveys
Contract-management tools
Business continuity plans
Disaster recovery and contingency plans
Management reporting

Choose any three of them and describe what they are and how they are used to manage service delivery, quality and operational performance.
Please ask the team to produce it without any plagiarism, even if it is being extracted from online sources put it in own words as much as possible.
o Assignment Format: APA format
o Submission Format: MS Word
o Length: 8-10 pages (not including cover