Need a help with python program

You must use functions to modularize your work. You should use exception handling where necessary as well. Dictionaries, sets, and lists will come in helpful here. Streaming TV Services Streaming TV has the potential to give customers choices in the television market. Instead of having only a single choice of cable and a couple of satellite offerings users can choose from many more internet tv streaming services. However, not all services are equal. They all offer different channels and different packages for different amounts of money. Getting tv for cheap isn’t a value if there is nothing that you want to watch. Python students unite to solve this problem and help tv watchers everywhere. We’ve got some files to help with that. Many of these providers have changed channel line ups slightly. Most of this data is from late June of 2017. We’re going to deal with a few files. One file lists all the providers, the file that contains the channels they carry, and the price of the service. Each of these services has a separate file with all the networks they carry. There is also a shows_channel.csv file that contains the name of a tv show, followed by the network that carries that show. ( this is so when a user lists The Simpsons as being a show they want to watch we are able to find the network that carries new episodes of the show ). Finally, there are user files that contain all the shows a user wants to watch, and a weight for how important the show is to them. These are all comma separated value files. Using the csv module should make it easier to deal with.