Need Replies for Each Prompt – instructions listed

Cook’s efforts when he was dealing with the Great Barrier Reef. What evidence of “effective leadership” do you see there? Provide at least one quote (cited properly) and discuss the context.
(Type your answer here in a paragraph.)

(4) Now tie in your understanding of Cook with one of the stories shared in Kouzes and Posner’s The Leadership Challenge, quoting and discussing it. (Include quotations and specific page numbers—and not just general statements about the 5 Practices.)
(Type your answer here: 1 or 2 paragraphs) (5) Let’s take a step further in our assessment of Cook, by applying parts of the “LPI Observer” to the captain! Using this Likert scale, please answer the following “LPI” questions about Capt. Cook (assessing his leadership according to the evidence you have seen so far). Then, after filling in the blanks below, explain some of your thoughts on these rankings in prompt #6.
1 Almost Never
2 Rarely
3 Seldom
4 Once in a While
5 Occasionally
6 Sometimes
7 Fairly Often
8 Usually
9 Very Often
10 Almost Always
_____ A. Sets a personal example of what he/she expects of others.
_____ B. Seeks out challenging opportunities that test his/her own skills and abilities.
_____ C. Develops cooperative relationships among the people he/she works with.
_____ D. Praises people for a job well done.
_____ E. Actively listens to diverse points of view.
_____ F. Makes it a point to let people know about his/her confidence in their abilities.
_____ G. Treats others with dignity and respect.
_____ H. Asks for feedback on how his/her actions affect other people’s performance.
_____ I. Experiments and takes risks, even when there is a chance of failure.
_____ J. Ensures that people grow in their jobs by learning new skills and developing themselves.
_____ K. Gives the members of the team lots of appreciation and support for their contributions.
(6) Add four or five sentences to discuss some of your answers—or to discuss trends that you see in your answers. And when you write your replies, be sure to CONTRAST YOUR RANKINGS WITH THOSE OF YOUR CLASSMATES. Thank you!
(Write four or five sentences here.)