Need to fill the’ writing proposal template ‘ by reading journal papers ?

I am giving Ten papers from which you have to chose eight papers and fill the template. In one template there are eight different to 10 different empty sections sperately for every topic individually. we need to fill the space provided by reading each paper seperately.

I am providing the sample paper which is already filled and i am providing the journal papers.
in the template there is a coloum for URL which you cal lift blank i will fill that latter or i will provide urls later if needed.
you need to write from the bellow ten papers and our basic topic is Applications of artificial Neural networks on weather forecasting.
Journal papers
1. Non-Linearity Explanation in Artificial Neural Network Application with a Case Study of Fog Forecast Over Delhi Region
2. An ensemble of neural networks for weather forecasting
4. A new rainfall forecasting model using the CAPSO algorithm
and an artificial neural network
5. Application of artificial neural networks in regional flood
frequency analysis: a case study for Australia
6. Prediction and modelling of rainfall–runoff during typhoon events
using a physically-based and artificial neural network hybrid model
7. Artificial neural network for forecasting rainfall
pattern in Prince Edward Island, Canada
8. Snow Disaster Early Warning in Pastoral Areas of
Qinghai Province, China
9. Fog Forecasting for Melbourne Airport Using a Bayesian Decision Network
0. Forecasting Drought Using Multilayer Perceptron Artificial Neural Network Model