Negotiation and Conflict Resolution – Journal 2

1. In the Sally Soprano negotiation, Sallly’s Agent conducted the negotiation. Do you feel negotiating

as an agent for someone is different than negotiating for yourself? Why or why not and which

would you prefer? (2 marks)

2. Please tell me about a time when someone used a “negotiating tactic” on you outside of class,

name the tactic, describe how you felt and what was the result. (1 marks)

3. Patrick Cleary identifies 6 Dynamics of Negotiations, which do you feel is the most important

and why? (2 marks)For question 1 look at attachments sally soprano agent and sally soprano checklist but answer personallyquestion 2 think of a time this situation happenedQuestion 3 just google it and pick something to answermake all questions as detailed as possible

pls site everything