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The formula you need to us is:
For example, if you student number is 12345678 then the WordPress URL you will need to set up would be (Links to an external site.).
Written and Video WordPress set up instructions are provided below. The video and written instructions cover the same material – you can choose which ever format best suits the way you like to learn.
WordPressSetupNewUser.pdf Download WordPressSetupNewUser.pdf
WordPress Set Up for new user video (embedded below)
WordPressSetupExistingUserOrSetupMistake-1.pdf Download WordPressSetupExistingUserOrSetupMistake-1.pdf
WordPress Set Up for existing user video (embedded below)
Note – if you’re having trouble with set up, try these quick hacks:
– try making your student number plus the letters/numbers DL21 your username at login (so 12345678dl21 as username, then choose your password).
– if you can’t set up your URL or the site stalls somehow, work backwards by putting in what it should be just into a web browser then clicking the link (if you haven’t set it up already, you’ll get a notice that says “This wordpress doesn’t exist – do you want to register it” – and go from there.
Academic integrity
To be successful at university, you must be able to work with a variety of sources and incorporate them into your work, without compromising your academic integrity. However, referencing and citing can be complicated and confusing.
If you need support with your studies or decisions, visit plagiarism and academic integrity explained or ‘Avoiding Plagiarism’ HELPS activity.Links to an external site.
For guidance on researching and referencing appropriate scholarly sources, please refer to the Library referencing guides.
If you have attempted this course before
Important: You must not submit, even in part, work even in part, work that you have submitted pr