Nikola Tesla final draft

I am needing help with a final draft and 1 more source. This will be used to record a speech. Thank you!

Speech Topic: Nikola Tesla
General-purpose: To encourage
Specific Purpose Statement: My goal is to encourage my audience that they should always focus on attaining their goals despite the challenges they face in actualizing their goals.
I. Introduction:
A. Attention Getter: Challenges offer a great opportunity for growth. When one is going through a tough time, they have a choice to either give up or rise from the challenges, having learned the necessary lessons. No one is happy going through tough times, but with determination and commitment, one can achieve their goals within the set time. Always remind yourself of the levels you need to surpass to achieve the set goals, which motivates you to keep growing and endure any challenges you face.
B. Connection to Audience: Nikola Tesla was a man that gave their dreams the required focus and dedication to make them become a reality. Tesla aimed to provide solutions such as electricity to the prevailing problems without seeking the associated fame or money. Tesla was a man who pursued improving the state of the community and ensuring that his inventions positively impacted the users. Tesla’s inventions are still used today, and we have benefited from the use of electricity and wireless communication, which are some of his inventions attributed to him. Tesla’s inventions were faced with many problems and opposition; however, he never stopped learning and creating an invention that solved world problems.
C. Credibility Material: I have undergone tough times that have made me want to give up on the dreams and goals I have set. I studied Nikola Tesla’s journey in invention and the challenges he faced until he died in 1943. The man was an epitome of hard work and determination, and that encouraged me to pursue my goals despite the desire to give up.
D. Thesis and Preview:I will tell you about the three predictions that Nikola Tesla made concerning the 21st century and how we use them today. I will first tell you about the importance of education and less concentration on war, and then the importance of providing cheap energy to protect natural resources.
Transition #1: Firstly, Tesla stated that in the 21st century, people would focus more on education and less on wars.
II. Body:
A. Main Point #1: The focus on education is due to the desire for people to gain knowledge on the activities in the world today.
1. Sub point #1: Currently, the military offers training to the soldiers such that they can learn nursing, computer programming, and other courses that enable them to be relevant in other professional fields if they ever decide to live in the military (Ryabukhin,2018).
2. Sub point #2: Military centers have established education centers for children of the soldiers who live with their parents in camps to ensure that they can still expand their knowledge in the professional field of choice.
Transition into Main Point #2 Secondly, Tesla stated that the provision of cheap energy would promote the management of natural resources.
B. Main Point #2: Electricity is important in today’s society due to its various impacts on general operations in a country. Electricity usage has promoted the preservation of natural resources (West, 2022).
1. Sub point #1: Electricity provides affordable energy to most people, which is used to generate goods and services that improve the general welfare of life.
2. Sub point #2: Preservation of natural resources helps in protecting the environment by reducing global warming and providing natural habitat to the wild animals.
III. Conclusion
A. Brakelight: Finally, the predictions that were made by Nikola Tesla have impacted our current lives as he never gave up on his inventions despite the opposition he faced.
B. Summary: Tesla’s prediction of the importance of education and the introduction of cheap electricity has made it possible for the lives of the current generation to be memorable. Even though such inventions were not made in his time, he knew there was a brighter future for the future generations who were willing to be committed to meeting their goals and committed themselves to work and learn.
C. Memorable: Living in the 21st century has provided us with opportunities that were nonexistent during Tesla’s time. We have access to resources and information that can help us in creating inventions for future generations. Take that step you are fearing, and you will be one step closer to an invention of a lifetime.
Ryabukhin, B. K. (2018). Tesla: The Man And The Legend. World of Transport and Transportation, 16(4), 258-264.
West, D. (2022). Nikola Tesla–The Electrical Genius Who Shaped the Modern Age. Humanities.