nsg 420 lecture

EpidemiologyIdentify a current health issue of interest to you e.g diabetes, HIV/AIDS, heart disease etc. On the basis of current epidemiologic evidence, explain the factors that have contributed to the following: the observed trend in mortality rates for this disease, the changes in survival; the changes in incidence. A key concept in epidemiology is that of the levels of prevention. As a community health nurse, describe primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention interventions related to this health issue. Are there modifiable factors, such as health behaviors that lend themselves to better prevention efforts?
Leadership- Read the Green header aboveI want you all to pick one of these leadership theory: Authentic, Transformational, Servant, Adaptive or Leader-Member Exchange- I want you to find 2 articles that are peer reviewed and answer the following questions in your paper
a- Describe the theory you choose, which traits/characteristics are most important to you
b- how ill this theory help you be successful as a new grad RN
c- How will you use this theory to shape your goals
d how do you expect your leader to use this theory- Why would you want to work for a leader who embraces this leadership theory