NU673 Reflective Journal

Reflective Journal InstructionsYou will create 7 entries for your Reflective Journal about a patient encounter. In the 7th entry, you will review the previous 6 entries and evaluate your progress in reflective practice over the course of the term.  Each journal should be a minimum of 250 words. 
The purpose of this reflective journal is self-reflection regarding the role in the process of self-reflection as a PMHNP provider. Through reflective practice, the student will evaluate their own emotional health and recognize one’s own feelings as well as one’s ability to monitor and manage those feelings. The point of the exercise is to learn yourself, your triggers, the types of cases you end up getting overly involved with, and those you’d rather refer to someone else. The idea is to be able to personally reflect on your behaviors/thoughts/decisions and how those impact you in the role of PMHNP. 
Address the following items:
Teamwork in nursing has these characteristics: good communication, respect for one another, shared planning, common goals, cooperation, coordination, sharing of expertise, and shared decision-making.
Discuss a clinical experience where you were part of the interdisciplinary team. List the members of the interdisciplinary team of which you were a participant.
What was the patient case about and why was the collaboration necessary?
Why is team collaboration important in care of a patient?
What did you learn from this encounter?


Jun 17th, 2022