NUR680: Week 2 Written AssignmentPage 1 ` Written Assignment (Learning Laboratories as

NUR680: Week 2 Written AssignmentPage 1


Written Assignment (Learning Laboratories as a Foundation for Nursing Excellence)

Assignment Overview: This week’s written assignment will focus on skills development.

Due: Upload your assignment in the form of a paper by Sunday night at 11:59 pm Mountain Time.

Assignment Details: For this assignment, you will create a course schedule that accommodates class, lab, and clinical time. You will make decisions that support the teaching and evaluation of fundamental nursing skills based on a sample course syllabus for NUR 300: Foundation of Nursing (see attached syllabus).

Skills Lab Case Study

Read the attached syllabus for NUR 300. Develop a plan to teach and evaluate subjects and fundamental skills that are included the course. The course has a total of 10 instructional weeks and a final exam/testing week. Using the provided list of subjects, skills, and time slots, you will decide what you will cover during each week. Consider class time, lab instruction, supervised practice time, check offs, and clinicals.


You have a class of 60 students.

You have a nursing skills lab with 10 stations, each equipped with a bed and a lifelike, low fidelity manikin (see below) that can be used to practice most skills.

Each station is designed to duplicate a fully equipped hospital room.

There are also four high fidelity adult human simulators. Each high-fidelity simulator is set up in its own room and control room.

Assume that you have all the equipment and materials you would need.

Faculty led/supervised labs are held on Monday and Wednesday afternoons.

Fridays are open labs for practice.

On clinical days you have a faculty student ratio of 1:6. On lab afternoons, you have 4 faculty who are potentially available to help if needed.


For your paper, complete the course schedule. While labs will not always (and don’t necessarily need to) correlate with lecture content each day, keep in mind how skill content builds on prior knowledge and may require that students have some classroom theory first. Some lab content is sequential in nature. For example, you can’t teach sterile dressing changes before learning to don sterile gloves. Consider how you will use your lab time for instruction, practice, and/or return demonstration/check offs. Not every skill must have a check off. You decide which will and won’t. Support your decisions with appropriate documentation (minimum 2 scholarly resources plus your textbooks).

Part 1: Address the following questions (you are not limited to these but must address them at a minimum). For each area, be sure to explain your rationale and support your decisions. Begin by completing the course schedule. Insert the completed schedule into your paper.


Schedule subjects from the syllabus to be covered in each class session. You may need more than one class period for some topics. You might consider covering some topics during lab time where there is overlap.

Write a summary paragraph explaining your decisions.


Using the schedule at the end of the syllabus, decide when lab instruction, practice, and return demonstrations/check offs will take place for each of your skills. Look at all the skills covered throughout the course to be sure you are using the appropriate proportion of the time. Consider the amount of time the student will need between instruction and check offs to practice (i.e., don’t schedule high stakes check offs the same day as instruction and practice).

Write a summary paragraph explaining your decisions.

Explain your reasoning as to where you place the skills and how much time you allot.

Explain your general format for teaching and evaluating the skills.

What percent of the overall lab time for each skill will involve the traditional skills lab and what percent might use high fidelity simulators? It could be any ratio, just explain your rationale.


Schedule your clinical time. There are a total of 60 hours that can be distributed however you see fit. The only requirement is that the number of daily hours must be consistent (i.e. 6, 8, 12 hours).

Write a summary paragraph explaining the rationale for your use of clinical time.

Part 2: Choose one of the skills and describe how you will conduct a check off for it. Explain your rationales. Things to consider include:

Will it involve low or high-fidelity manikins?

What is the student required to demonstrate?

How long will you give them to perform the skill?

How many times can they attempt the skill?

Can faculty provide any coaching during the check off? Why or why not?

What happens if a student does not pass on the first attempt?

Is the check off pass/fail or will there be a grade? If a grade, what is passing?

Are there critical components that must be done correctly or the student automatically fails?

These are all things that faculty have to consider when designing lab experiences. The purpose of this exercise is to take you through the process of making these decisions. For every decision, explain WHY.

Resources: You must include at least three references, including your textbook and two additional scholarly nursing resources.

Grading: The assignment components will be graded on content, organization, presentation, writing mechanics, and correct APA formatting.