Nutrition advice article

Around 800 – 1000 words

• If she can offer our readers some solid nutritional advice that’s sustainable and achievable – how to approach starting to eat better again after months of lockdown-induced overeating and takeaway, etc.

• What advice can she offer on building a healthy eating plan/routine? Should you make a written plan or just go with the flow? Should you ease into it, or is it okay to jump right in and enjoy that healthy food?

• What type of mindset should you aim for (eg, don’t freak out or feel guilty and get overwhelmed, look at it positively, etc)? (Op

• What foods are most important to incorporate?

• Why fibre is important.

• What types of changes can you expect to see when you start eating better? Physical and psychological.

• I’m sure Nicole also has plenty of ideas, so she should feel free to incorporate them.

• An important note: we like to tread carefully when it comes to the topic of weight loss. Yes to focusing on achieving/maintaining a healthy weight, no to “lose weight quickly!” or making the focus of eating well solely on weight loss. We also steer clear of the whole “detox” thing.Please mention in article

– mindful eating

– starting day with fibre full cereal