Nutrition and Physical Activity

James is 62, a large man weighing around 200 pounds, who really doesn’t want to be told that he needs to exercise for his health. When James first came to the group home, he was much more active than currently. He would go for walks in Sunrise Park by himself when the weather was good, and he seemed to enjoy that. He also bowled every week with the other men in the group home and was very good at it. A year later James climbed Mt. Clemons with one of the staff. Unfortunately, the staff person left his job at the group home about three months later and no one else was interested in taking him hiking. He worked out at the YMCA for a period of time, but he didn’t find other people to work out with him and he quit. We think that James started eating more food within the next year as he started to gain weight. 1.    What are the behaviors that need to be changed? 2.    What health promotion actions would help?4-5 additional sources must be provided and cited in MLA format.