nutritional needs during pregnancy’s

1. What are the Weight gain recommendations for pregnancy for a woman of normal weight, overweight, underweight? What are the consequences of not gaining enough weight during the pregnancy? What are the consequences of gaining too much weight?

2. What are the specific vitamins and minerals that need to be supplemented during pregnancy? Why?

3. What specific nutrients other than vitamins and minerals that need to be considered during pregnancy: ie.. water requirements, protein, fiber

4. Consider Tanya: Tanya is a 31-year old woman who is currently with a BMI of 28-a bit overweight. She is in her second trimester. Answer the following questions:

-how many calories should Tanya have?

-what should she makes sure she eats

-how much weight should she gain during this trimester

-what should she avoid eating?

Finally, make sure you use at least 3 sources and provide APA references for those sources. Also, use the sources w/in text and use in-text citations.