Objective 2: Analyze the 12-Step approach and its contribution to therapy.

Perhaps no other non-Christian approach has seen as much success in changing lives for good among the “addicted” populations as the 12-Step approach. To this day, across the country and beyond, there are meetings among the alcoholic population, substance abuse population, etc. through such programs as Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-Anon, and Narcotics Anonymous that have positively impacted the lives of thousands and thousands of individuals. While there is yet controversy in the Christian community as to the 12-Step approach, no one can correctly ignore the good these principles have brought. This activity shall engage you in insightfully analyzing the 12-Step approach and seeing what you may consider applicable in a Christian approach to counseling.
Locate and read at least three online resources that share the 12-Step approach, both from a secular and Christian perspective. Remember that these resources must be cited in your analysis.
Write a 1-2 page analysis of the 12-Step approach.
To achieve maximum points for content and analysis, the following elements need thoroughly addressed:The basic ideological and conceptual approach that it provides.
The successes that have resulted from this approach.
Perspectives from both the secular and Christian communities concerning the 12-Step approach.
Provide a minimum of three academic resources outside of the texts, Bible and dictionary.


Jun 17th, 2022