The plant produces a sulfur compound used on wine grapes. This plant has been in operation for about 25 years and has passed all California State health and safety operation inspections.. On July 5th, a fire (caused by overheating machinery using a self-made insulating devise) in the plant caused an explosion of one of its sulfur tanks resulting in massive dumping of sulfur into the nearby Russian River. In August local wine producers noticed their wine grape vines were suffering, and grapes were shriveling and dying. Local River analysis showed abnormally high levels of sulfur content and it was speculated that the sulfur either came directly from the fire based explosion, or there was some other leak at WOD. (Some claim the plant has been dumping Sulfur waste into the river for years although the river is regularly inspected by State Agencies) The California Health Department and other government agencies in response to the recent sulfur levels, posted notices along all public access points warning the public of these sulfur levels and potential health risks from direct consumption of the water. Trifork Winery has filed suit against WOD for monetary damages.
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