OPS404: Discussions

minimum of 150-250 words
minimum of two current (published within the past five years), credible references
thoroughly analyze and discuss the preceding two outcomes in an organization that you are familiar with that you have researched. Be sure to give a brief overview of the organization.
1. Explain how leadership influences organizational performance. Explain leadership roles.
2. Explain the leader’s role in a team-based organization. Explain leader actions that foster teamwork.
3. Explain the leader’s role in employee engagement. Explain how leaders can motivate others through recognition.
4. Explain how cultural factors, including values, influence leadership practice. Explain the contribution of cultural sensitivity and cultural intelligence to leadership effectiveness.
5. Explain how transformational leaders develop through self-awareness. Explain how leaders develop through education, experience, and mentoring.
6. Explain how to use delegation to support empowerment. Explain both ethical and unethical political behaviors.
7. Explain the basics of authentic leadership. Explain the key features of a power-oriented style.
8. Explain why business strategies and operation management are necessary. Explain how leaders contribute to the management of knowledge and the learning organization.