Organic food better than Genetically modified organism

Convince your audience of anything you wish – Opinion/Observation Paper Assignment: You have 2 ½- 3 pages in which you are to try to convince an audience of anything you wish (i.e. using any subject you wish, within reason). This is an opinion paper, and I know you have varied opinions on many issues (see examples of previous student topics below). Use proper MLA format and apply Writing for College rules. Thesis: For this essay, you are required to have a single focused thesis statement. Review Thesis Notes thoroughly to construct a proper three part thesis for this Opinion Essay. Helpful Hints: Look at both sides of the issue you’ve chosen. Give valid and appropriate reasons as to why you have taken that particular side/why you have that opinion. Present the subject; then provide thoughtful information that addresses your opinion. Be careful not to leave anything important out. Some of the best opinion papers are those about topics you know about – you are actually the “expert” on this topic. Perhaps you swear by a particular shampoo or mascara, a shoe brand or Chinese restaurant, a car model or Netflix series. Any of these can work. Your goal is to convince your readers to try, use, buy, etc. Give a clear, complete thesis statement that identifies the topic, your stand on that topic, and the reasons you plan to use to support your thesis. Provide reasons to support your thesis by using examples, and/or personal anecdotes that may include opinions of friends who either agree or disagree with you. Do not use quotes from research. Anticipate possible concerns, questions or doubts your audience may have regarding your position and address those in your paper. As always, there are two sides to every argument. *This is an informal paper; the use of the word “I” is acceptable. However, as always, do not use second person. *Refrain from “taboo” topics – Grandma should read your paper without blushing. *Strive to be clever. Some successful essays from previous students: The banana is the best fruit . . .Why slippers are fun . . .Why I am the best student you’ve ever had . . .Siblings aren’t necessary . . . Why we should listen to the words of John Lennon . . . The gist of the paper is not that you have to discuss a serious issue (you may, of course), but that you are totally convincing and your voice is strong. No research is to be used in this essay. The paper is to consist of your personal opinion written in your voice only. Try this format for a thesis: [Topic/Subject] filler [Position/Stance] narrowing “because” [Reasons/Support-consider providing 3!]. _______ should be __________ because _______, __________, _________. Example: “Labrador Retrievers make the best dogs as pets for families because they are loyal, easy to train, and gentle with children.” Once you know your topic and opinionated stance, create a list of pro’s and con’s, ask peers’ opinions, take notes, develop reasoning, do not research, and tighten thesis