PAPER ASSIGNTMET FOR Digital image processing course
• ACM digital library:

You have access to these digital libraries when you are using campus network.*
Selection criteria:
This paper will be the paper for your presentation during the week . Please choose a paper that is published within the past 5 years, in a conference proceeding, and has about 5 pages.
Please avoid choosing literature survey paper, which does not propose any specific new methodology/approach on its own. The objectives of this assignment are for you to
• Identify and understand a specific research problem
• Identify and understand a specific approach to solve the above problem
• Identify a technical paper to serve as an example for your term project report
Submission: submit the PDF file of the full paper on blackboard.
*If you are searching for papers from home, you may first search on the above two sites and select a paper based its abstract, and then locate it in the UDC library catalog using the following link!/ , and then click to access the full article, you will be asked to identify yourself as a UDC student by entering your last name, ID barcode number, and university. Your library account must be activated (each semester for students, annually in January for faculty and staff). Bring your UDC ID to the circulation desk on the 5th floor of Building 41 for assistance.
here is my email : Ahmedalfurshuti@gmail.ocm please contact me through email To provide you the access for search paper at library school.