Paragraph 1 Tentative Thesis: students mental health in higher education is a

Paragraph 1

Tentative Thesis:  students mental health in higher education is a much bigger problem then its made out it be, and should have more attention.

Paragraph 2

The background will be drawn from my module 2 essay, 

“Arday, Jason. “No one can see me cry: understanding mental health issues for Black and minority ethnic staff in higher education.” Higher Education, 83.1 (2022): 79-102.”


Paragraph 4

I intend to write about why its such a important subject to pay attention and why it could affect the students in mental health 

Paragraph 5

In this paragraph, I will continue to discus why its important to give the mental health more attention and what effect it might have on the students trying to get a higher education 

Paragraph 6

I wanna talk about the effect on students it has and there studies 

Paragraph 7

What could been done to prevent or what can help students struggling with mental health students 

Paragraph 8

I intend to go over everything I disscued about mental health