Pause Problems – Chapter 14 (Smith and Davis)

PSY3211 – Research Methods and Data Analysis in Psychology


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Question 1

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I want to give you kind of an open-ended Pause Problem. Since your article critique paper will be graded partly on writing quality, I want to make sure you are prepared to be a good writer! I want you to describe at least three strategies you could implement to improve your writing. I will actually give you the first one: PROOFREAD!
Your Answer:

Some of the traits of quality writing that inform and guide me in writing include sentence fluency, organization, word choice, proofreading, voice, and ideas. Ideas are at the core of the paper. A good writer should focus on a central idea that is well researched. Sentence fluency ensures that the paper is written has rhythm and flows of the language as well as the sound of word patterns. The organization is the internal structure and patterns of ideas within the paper. The organization also ensures that the ideas presented are arranged in a logical manner. Word choice relates to the language and vocabulary used. The word choice may vary depending on the audience. A paper presented to the general public will have a different vocabulary and word choice compared to that presented to a professor. Proofreading relates to paper mechanics. A writer should read through his work to check on spelling, paragraphing, grammar and usage, punctuation and capitalization.

Question 2

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I want all students to visit the website below (endorsed by FIU).

Since you are scientists, use “Emma” as your avatar. This is an interactive website, so answer questions (in a red box) when you see them! This takes about 10 minutes to complete Vaughan Memorial Library (Links to an external site.)

(Emma – required. Copy and paste the link above). As a Pause Problem, I want you to briefly summarize what you learned when you did the demonstration!

Your Answer:

From the interactive video, I have learned of what constitutes plagiarism and what does not. Some of the incidents that count as plagiarism include using other people’s works without citing or acknowledging them, having a friend write your paper, and submitting your own work in more than one class. Moreover, downloading or buying assignments also counts as plagiarism. The consequences of plagiarism may include redoing the assignment, failing the assignment or class and in repeated cases, dismissal from the university. The assignment has also clarified on what to sites and what counts as common knowledge. One tip I have learned on overcoming plagiarism is starting my assignment early and making use of library staff. Moreover, when time-barred, one should avoid the temptation of using the internet.