Peer response #1 After listening and reading the article, the first thing

Peer response #1

After listening and reading the article, the first thing I thought about was “Moneyball.” Management, scouting, sabermetrics and decision making—things that relate to the talk of pocket passer vs scrambler. When tying linear program to this comparison, management (coach) must use his or her quarterbacks/players with optimal results; to win (scoring touchdowns, contributing to touchdowns).  Basically, management must figure out the best solutions to optimize the players to get the win. Statistically, there are pros and cons to either being a pocket passer or scrambler. Pros could be high pass or rush yards completion. Cons could be constraints like easily sacked or prone to injury. These are some constraints and variables that can determine which quarterback style is better. Furthermore, using linear programming can contribute for decision makers to find the answer: which style is less likely to get injured—pocket passers defended by defensive linemen or scrambler’s using mobility to evade rushers. It can also help in answering which style is creates more excitement—pocket passers who can read the field and pass the ball at moment’s notice or a scrambler who can read the field to find openings to run the ball sneakily. Overall, management can use linear program to allocate players to their best performance.

With the current American dream (big house, big cars and lots of money), Tiny homes could be a trend or an attribute to the possible shift of the country’s motto. Currently, I believe Tiny homes is only a trend because GDP (making money) is how happiness is measured in the United States. Free homes as what Bernie promises can be fulfilled because Tiny homes are affordable, environmental and moveable. As for program rental, it could be a solution because of its affordability. Also, it can be an alternative solution to assist homeowners to afford a home and pay off student debts. However, there are external factors like politics or natural resources that attribute to possible solutions to all three propositions in which linear programming cannot propose a possible solution. 


Peer response #2

Identifying the objective and constraints, understanding managerial problems and defining the decision variables are needed for steps in formulating a linear program. The formula can be used in several scenarios such as football. Knowing who will be in the next position for the football game would be an example on identifying an issue. The quarterbacks have their own unique ways of playing. For example, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning aren’t move like other players. However, these players have learned how to use the ability of being able to throw the ball to their advantage. Players such as Tim Tebow are different, he is more athletic and a faster runner which is an advantage that he uses. Decisions such as who should be on the field and who shouldn’t after a few plays needs to be decided. Would Will Mark Sanchez be able to play five or six plays, or would a player need to go in for him after only two plays? Additional plays need to be thought of in case of any injuries that can occur with the players. 

Due to inflation the prices of tuition, homes and the cost of living has gone up. Monthly savings can be used to go towards things such as paying off debt, traveling or investments. Tiny homes allow solar panels to be available for purchase with utility bills lower than a normal house. With the cost of living be high, the tiny homes allow for individuals to be able to pay off debts such as student loans and credit cards.