Personal Journal Entry

Your written response should demonstrate how you gained further insight about a Human Resource Management concept, possibly while applying the concept to your personal life experience. Your written response should:
• be formatted as a 500 – 750 word one-page, single-spaced, 12-pt font document, with 1-inch margins,
• include an introductory paragraph and concluding paragraph,
• contain logical and useful organization of ideas,
• display correct grammar, mechanics, and punctuation, which includes the use of complete (not fragmented) sentences,
• contain adequate tie-in to the text,
• adequately answer the writing prompt, and
• include student’s name as a header in the top right corner.
Journal Entry Writing Prompt for Module 8: Read the Manager’s Notebook on p. 252 “That’s Not Right: Training to Help Workers Confront Unethical Actions.” Write about reasons why it might be important to have ethics training, even when a clear ethics code is in place.