Personal Statement for Business Undergraduate

Please develop the file attached into a personal statement for UCAS (so no longer than 4000 characters) It is not even a draft, just ideas and personal information put together. I’m applying for a BUSINESS career in London top universities, so it has to be professional and formal (not too much, as in If I could have wrote it). Make it seem like I have great knowledge on the subject (economic, finance business), stuff I might like about it, basically demonstrate that I know what I’m writing about and how that course in uni would be perfect for me. Maybe quote some thinker or quotation or mention a book on business I could have read, in order to make it look better and that I totally ready and have a lot of knowledge on all this. I am doing an IFP on Business and Economics, and previously used to take A-Levels (Business, Economics and Spanish) Please try to explain how my knowledge on the aforementioned subjects can be very useful for me in uni regarding the courses I am applying to, and how I enjoyed doing them and so on….

Then keep demonstrating, with quotations and stuff all my ‘knowledge’ on business matters, and most of the personal stuff as in certificates, commendations and languages write about them more in the end.

If anything is needed, contact me. Thank you. I will for sure require a first draft by tomorrow of possible so I can tell you if that’s how I want it to be, maybe more than one draft is required… So please get me the first one by tomorrow (or ASAP), because I might have to give you further instructions and additional information to add to it.