Persuasive Speech Assignment General Purpose: To persuade. Specific Purpose: To persuade audience

Persuasive Speech Assignment

General Purpose: To persuade.

Specific Purpose: To persuade audience members to change the thinking or behavior, to adopt your point of view on a question of policy and/or to persuade audience members that a policy should be started, changed, or stopped, and to urge their cooperation by asking for specific action

Length: 7 -9 minutes (thirty-second grace period either way) Speeches under 6:30 or

over 9:30 will be subject to a 10-point deduction. Speeches under 5:30 or

over 10:30 will be subject to a 20-point deduction. I will stop grading the

speech at 10:30, so make sure it’s not longer.

Topics: Topics must address policy issues for your audience.

Your topic must be approved before you are allowed to speak.


You are to give a “Policy” speech, using either Monroe Motivated Sequence (file in the weekly folder) or a problem-solution style as your structural style.

The Policy could deal with a local, school, city, county, or state issue that you believe needs to be started, changed, or stopped.

You must use audience analysis and poll your group or class (your instructor will tell you who to poll) to learn more about their thoughts on your speech topic. Follow the directions for the audience analysis given by your instructor.

You must find a way to tailor a portion of your speech to your audience based on audience analysis. (ie, tell us something about how your audience responded in your poll.)

Once you convince your audience that there is a significant problem, and describe the details of the workable solution, you will address the inherent benefits to society if your policy is started, changed, or stopped.

The call to action is an essential component in the persuasive speech.

You may decide to use emotional language to evoke the desired audience response. You should carefully consider the ethics of your persuasive goal.

You must have an effective visual aid—either one single, static photo (hand-held or on Power-point) or another hand-held aid. Do not have a full PowerPoint presentation. You will not be given credit for it.


A written preparation outline is required for this speech and should include all relevant content and sources. Follow the model I gave you for persuasive speeches. All main and sub points must be written in a complete-sentence format. Your bibliography listing the sources you consulted must be included in proper format.

Tell me on the outline what type of visual aid you will be using.

Also tell me how you’re incorporating your audience analysis into your speech.


At least three credible sources must be mentioned in the speech and referenced properly in outline.

Other requirements:

There is not an audience requirement for this speech but remember that I want your camera eye level and you may not be seated (I won’t grade this).

There are several overused topics I will not accept or approve like Marijuana legality, Abortion or Capital punishment. Make sure you give me two solid choices to choose from.

Keep in mind, the length of the speech may cause uploading to slow so upload early! You may not give me a speech that is cut into pieces just to speed uploading time. I will not grade this.

Also, you must be dressed appropriately for a speech. No distracting t-shirts, hats, sunglasses etc. Please wear shoes! Make it school appropriate attire.