PH 5900 Research Assessment Guide Please choose a primary research article to

PH 5900 Research Assessment Guide

Please choose a primary research article to assess for this assignment. You may analyze secondary and tertiary research for your larger project that includes 10 research articles, but this assignment requires a primary analysis, peer-reviewed research article.

Provide the APA citation for the article on top of your assessment.

Statement of the Problem: In two or three sentences describe the purpose of the research. Are there concrete research questions or hypotheses? If yes, what are they?

Literature Review: Summarize the literature. Also cover these topics: How thoroughly did the author(s) review relevant literature? Does the discussion of previous research and theoretical writing clearly connect to the goals of the present research? Did they confirm their argument the research will add to this literature? Was there anything missing or lacking, in your opinion?

Research Design and Methods: Summarize the research design. What type of study is it, and how was it organized? What theories do the authors use to frame their study, if any (this can be in lit reviews and/or design areas of the paper)? Explain your answer. Summarize the methods, and cover these topics: What methods were used to gather data or information? Were multiple methods employed? Is the selection of methods explained? Are there identifiable dependent and independent variables (if relevant), and what are they? Are variables operationalized? How well do these match the stated goals of the research? How are the samples selected? Did the authors adequately explain the process?

Ethics: Did the author(s) describe the ways in which participants were protected? What ethical considerations were discussed? Did you think it was sufficient? What was missing, based on your knowledge of ethical concerns for research?

Results: What did the researcher(s) find? Are the findings clearly presented? What are the results? Are tables used? If so, are these well-constructed and easy to interpret? How well are the findings explained? Are there apparent threats to validity, either internal or external? If so, were these addressed? How convincing are the results of the study?

Discussion/Conclusion: Describe/summarize the discussion, making sure to cover these questions: Did the author(s) adequately summarize how their findings fit into what was known on the topic? How are the findings interpreted? Are there plausible alternative explanations? Are limitations discussed? Are the results related back to the general problems and questions addressed in the literature review? Are implications of the results for policy and practice discussed? Did they discuss future directions?

Analysis: What were the strengths of this article? What were the weaknesses? Which is better, and why? Together, in what directions did their findings lead you when thinking about your own research project?

You can answer questions individually, or you can write it in an essay format. This is your choice, but well-written, with appropriate grammar, organization, spelling, and clear language is vital to your success. Consider bringing a draft to the writing center.

Upload a Microsoft Word document. Also upload the PDFs of the articles you reviewed (yes, Blackboard assignments allow you to upload multiple documents).

Also keep in mind that as a senior college student who has been provided a plagiarism tutorial and APA citation workshop, any form of plagiarism is considered intentional and will result in class failure. Make sure to appropriately reference and cite all work.