Plan cost management with associated resources.

You will take the role of the project manager. This effort requires that you research, organize, and present project financial data in a manner that makes sense to the appropriate stakeholder.Here are the requirements:You will use the project from the Unit 1 Assignment for the Unit 3 Assignment.Create a Cost Management Plan for the project you selected in Unit 1.Create the Cost Baseline for the selected project.Please go to the Internet for templates or documents that can help you meet the requirements.The templates or documents that you use must meet all criteria specified in the grading rubric.ComponentsTitle page formatted in current APA style with the following information: Title of the paper, your name, course number and section number, and date.A table of contents using the following headers: Introduction, Cost Management Plan, Cost Baseline, Conclusion, and References.A minimum of three scholarly journal and textbook source references cited and credited according to current APA formatting style using a minimum of six in-text citations.Directions for Submitting your Assignment:To submit your Unit 3 Assignment, upload all assignment documents to the Unit 3 Assignment Dropbox. Make sure that you have saved a copy of each of the files you submit for this assignment.