Please find a relatively small company but it must be a real

Please find a relatively small company but it must be a real one (preferably a California company)

Work with an organization, probably local and small

Access to firm is necessary

Access to CEO is necessary

Access to financial data of any is helpful-but they might not want to share

–Non-Disclosure Agreement

The content includes the following requirements, write 2 pages

Write up on:

-Firm business



-Competitive advantage?

-What you might do to help?

-CEO access?

This part of the content is a later requirement, this time the 2 pages do not include the following content

Question to access if CEO will meet with your

Can we meet with you on a regular basis (e.g., ever other week)?


Firm/Industry/Customer Assessment

Growth Strategy Roadmap

Meeting 1 with the CEO

What is the SCOPE of the project?

Meeting 1 with the CEO-after they agree to work with you

Firm level

Do you feel you have a competitive advantage?

What is your greatest strength?

What weakness might you have?

Are you profitable?

Industry level

Which firms do consider your competition?

What are their various competitive advantages?

How competitive is your industry?

Do you want to grow your revenues/profits?

Grow Customers?

Grow Products?