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post 1:Stakeholders in Two Projects
Since I enrolled in the university as an information technology student, I have taken part in several projects, two of which I discuss in this paper. I participated in the installation of CCTV cameras in a local dispensary where cases of unprofessionalism were rampant. I also participated in a youth program that sought to empower youth to take up technology as an essential aspect of their lives. Through training and sensitization, we helped youth understand the leverage of technology in the highly competitive job market.
The project on installing CCTV cameras was successful. Upon successful closure, we completed the project within the deadlines and handed it over to the government (sponsor) (Verzuh, 2021). I can attribute the project’s success to two crucial stakeholders who worked tirelessly to complete the project. First is the healthcare’s ICT officer. The officer was proactive and consistent in his support of the project. His communication was timely, accurate, polite, and encouraged the input of all other team members. When we needed anything, he could act within the shortest time possible. Another stakeholder whose efforts contributed immensely to the group was the network security officer. The officer offered his timeless hard skills in the installation of the security cameras. He was polite and was always ready to help the non-technical team understand the basics of the security system.
While working on the youth sensitization project, I was among the technical training team. However, out top, most stakeholders responsible for lobbying the government to release funds to facilitate the program were relatively inactive. The Youth representative neither communicated with us regularly nor attended our meetings regularly. The county’s youth Program officer, too, was adamant and only made technical appearances and communicated sparingly. As a result, we lack support, advocacy, and encouragement (Gemünden et al., 2018). Eventually, the project terminated without official closure.
post 2:There were two separate projects I worked on in my workplace: one was a waste management project, and the other was a Covid19 public awareness campaign. Project 2 was a success while Project 1 didn’t meet expectations. The company’s employees, higher-ups, investors, and members of the general public were all key stakeholders in the inaugural project. The company was responsible for producing gloves that were sold over the world. Byproducts and wastes were created during the manufacturing process of gloves from raw materials. A wide range of pollution and environmental damage could have been caused by the wastes that were emitted (Lock, 2021).
The waste management project was started to ensure that waste was adequately processed before it was released into the open environment. The project’s importance was made clear to the workers by the authorities. Employees devoted to the project were formed by the manager (Verzuh, 2021). The members of the team were responsible for ensuring that the project was being carried out correctly so that the public was not exposed to any health or environmental hazards as a result of the garbage. Because of a lack of coordination and a lack of seriousness in the work of the team members, the project failed (Pan, 2021).
Aside from that, however, the second initiative was a rousing success, with the team’s efforts helping to educate the general public about the COVID pandemic and its ramifications. Stakeholders such as the heads of health organizations were crucial in providing the team with up-to-date knowledge on pandemics (Verzuh, 2021). The team then made the information more appealing to the public by converting it into a more appealing format. By various means, the same was made available to the general population. The public’s attitude and conduct changed significantly when they learned about the pandemic and the methods the virus could spread (Wu, 2021).