Please upload your approx. 800-1,000 word draft as a .doc, .docx, .rtf,

Please upload your approx. 800-1,000 word draft as a .doc, .docx, .rtf, or.pdf file. It is best to choose a topic that you have experience with.

Process analysis give instructions on how to do something or describe how something is done; those two are not the same thing. The basic types of process writing are: informational, directional, or a hybrid of the two. Informational process writing provides details on topics we would like to learn about, i.e. how something works. An example would be to write about how the heart functions. On the other hand, directional process deals with giving instructions on how to do something. An example of this type of writing would be an essay giving directions on changing a tire.

Regardless of whether you write an informational or directional, or a hybrid, it is critical to organize the steps in the most logical order. The two most widely used methods for organizing a process essay are chronological order and order of importance. Chronological order would work for an essay on how to bake a cake. If you’re writing on how to improve one’s sleep, then you might list things in order of importance rather than chronological order.

This type of writing requires strict attention to details.  You cannot be too specific with this type of writing. You should assume, when writing process, that the audience knows very little or nothing. While you certainly don’t want to write at such a level as to insult someone’s intelligence, write so that it is clear for those who would be novices at what you are describing. Define any technical terms and offer plenty of examples where necessary.

require outside resources and MLA-formatted citations and bibliographies, but you may want to include expert evidence