Policy Analysis Paper After project teams have submitted their Group Memo assignments

Policy Analysis Paper

After project teams have submitted their Group Memo assignments (I have attached my group memo to it), each team member will begin working on their own individual policy analysis project.

The policy analysis assignment is composed of two parts: 1) an outline (I have attached my outline to it), and 2) a final policy analysis paper (approximately 3,000-3,500 words, single-spaced) on a specific issue related to your group memo.

Your Objective

The policy analysis paper will present a solutions analysis to your client, XXX Consulting Group (a fictitious consulting group working to formulate and implement innovative solutions to public problems). XXX Consulting Group has asked you to submit a solutions analysis addressing the topic of your group presentation. They would like you to present an issue diagnosis on a specific issue related to this topic, identify three possible policy alternatives/solutions to this issue, and then recommend a solution with a suggested implementation partner agency or organization. The client has identified political feasibility or implementation feasibility, and cost-effectiveness as two essential criteria to their work, along with a possible budget of $8-10 million for the recommended project.

Your assignment is to recommend an action in response to an issue related to your group memo. More specifically, you will be proposing this action as part of a solutions analysis to the Price Consulting Group for $8-10 million.

Submit a policy analysis paper of approximately 3,000-3,500 words, single-spaced. The paper should include an issue diagnosis, CAM table, and at least 2 other figures, graphs, or tables in the Appendix. It should also have a reference page with a minimum of 12-15 high-quality sources on the issue. (I have attached my CAM table to it, please include figures and graphs will be fine)

Policy Analysis Paper

After you have submitted their outlines and received feedback (I have attached my outline and feedback to it, you will then complete their policy analysis paper.

Approximately 3,000-3,500 words, single-spaced (not including back matter, i.e. Appendices, References, etc.)

Organized using headings and sub-headings for sections (including Issue Diagnosis, and Solutions Analysis).

Focuses on an issue related to the issue discussed in their group memo (I have attached my group memo to it)

Includes an issue diagnosis of the issue

Uses evidence to support their arguments with a minimum of 12-15 high-quality, credible sources.

Includes relevant information from a stakeholder analysis, including one marginalized group

Identifies criteria to apply in the solutions analysis (see my outline)

Considers 3 possible options/solutions in response to the issue (see my outline)

Includes a cost analysis for the options for a budget of $8-10 million

Includes a CAM table and discusses the trade-offs between the 3 options (I have attached my CAM table to it)

Recommends an action and introduces your target population and implementing partner organization

Includes at least two figures, graphs, or tables in the Appendix (consider using Tableau). Possibilities include: causal chain, stakeholder analysis, cost analysis, theory of change, and/or logic model.

Uses APA, parenthetical citations, and a list of references

Footnotes should only be used to elaborate on a topic in the main section

Avoids contractions and personal pronouns.

Suggested Policy Analysis Paper Format

TOTAL WORD COUNT: approximately 3000-3500

Cover Letter (approximately one page) –200 words (see example I attached)

Include a standard business letter heading, including the date and the client’s contact information. You can use the following for the contact address: XXX Building 312, Los Angeles, CA

The letter should be addressed to the Price Consulting Group and should introduce yourself (policy analyst) and your implementing partner organization (see below).

Briefly describe your recommended policy option in your proposal.

Explain how much money the recommendation would require and for what purpose.

Conclude by briefly discussing the impact the proposal can have on your target population.

Close with your signature, contact information, and the word “ENCLOSURE.”

The letter can be easier to write after you have finished writing your paper.

No memo header needed.

Executive Summary – approximately 250 words

The paper should have an executive summary that is not an introduction to the report. But rather, the executive summary should be a clear and concise summary of the report, highlighting the main findings.

Issue Diagnosis – rename heading descriptively – approximately 650 words

Make your case that this issue is important and that the status quo needs to change.

Include the main ideas of the major components of an issue diagnosis (problem statement, claims of harm, extent and trends, causal analysis, context and background, and stakeholder analysis) (you can refer to my group memo)

Consider the use of diagrams or tables to help you explain your analysis.

Discuss the main outcome(s) and criteria you will use in your solutions analysis and explain how they relate to your audience’s concerns. Describe the target population of focus. (My target population is immigrant construction workers in construction industry)

Partner Organization – rename heading descriptively – approximately 150 words

(for my possible solution 3, I mentioned to collaborate with local clinics in LA, please find a specific clinic in LA as the partner organization)

Introduce and describe your implementing partner organization.

Briefly use their history, mission, track record, or other details to explain why they are the right partner to implement your recommendation.

Briefly describe their organizational capacity.

Solutions Analysis – rename heading descriptively – approximately 1450 words

Describe the theory of change and major program/operation details of the 3 possible solutions you are considering. Consider the inputs and goals/outcomes/metrics.

Focus more detail on the option you are recommending. Thus, it may be helpful to write this section after you have conducted your internal analysis and have decided on a recommendation.

Discuss your three options (and their projected outcomes over 3-5 years) in relation to each criteria that you selected.

Discuss total cost estimates for each of the three outcomes, but only include the details of the cost analysis of your recommended solution. A table may be helpful to discuss these details.

Discuss your measure of effectiveness and calculate cost-effectiveness where possible.

Discuss the trade-offs between the three options and utilize a CAM table to discuss. Are there risks or uncertainties to consider? Were you able to conduct a sensitivity analysis?

Solution Analysis Part format:

Option 1 Discussion

Theory of Change for Option 1

Criterion 1 Discussion

Criterion 2 Discussion

Criterion 3 Discussion

Criterion 4 Discussion

Option 2 Discussion

Theory of Change for Option 2

Criterion 1 Discussion

Criterion 2 Discussion

Criterion 3 Discussion

Criterion 4 Discussion

Option 3 Discussion

Theory of Change for Option 3

Criterion 1 Discussion

Criterion 2 Discussion

Criterion 3 Discussion

Criterion 4 Discussion

Discussion of Trade-offs Among All Options

Conclusion – approximately 100 words

Emphasize the impact you hope to make with your proposal.

Restate and highlight the most important components of your paper.

References and Appendices

Includes a minimum of 12-15 high-quality, credible sources.

Includes back matter, such as: causal diagrams, stakeholder tables, cost analysis tables, cost-effectiveness results, logic models, or CAM tables.

Other Tips:

• Paragraphs should include a main/thesis sentence at the beginning of most paragraphs.

Avoid contractions and personal pronouns except in the cover letter.

Include page numbers.

Figures, tables, and graphs should each be numbered, have a clear title, and include a full citation for source or data source.