political and economic effects of the Articles of Confederation from 1781 to 1789 in the United States

In your essay, include whether or not the Articles of Confederation provided the U.S. with an effective government.
– Should be in MLA format, 12font, 5 paragraphs, a clear thesis statement.
– Should follow directions on how to write an LEQ (long essay question) directions linked in image below.
Contains no attempt at a thesis statement.May lack a complete thesis or simply restate the question
Contains a partially developed thesis
Responds to the prompt with a historically defensible thesis/claim that establishes a line of reasoning.
May demonstrate an inappropriate responseProvides few relevant facts, or relies heavily on generalizations
Supports the thesis with some accurate/less specific information
Supports an argument in response to the prompt using specific and relevant examples of evidence.
No analysis and reasoning provided.
Some analysis and reasoning provided, but it is not well-developed.
Demonstrates a basic understanding of the historical development.
Demonstrates a complex understanding of the historical development that is the focus of the prompt, using evidence to corroborate, qualify, or modify an argument that addresses the question.

Textbook ReadingWhile completing your reading, make sure to take notes as appropriate. You may choose to combine these with your notes from the rest of the section or keep them separate. The textbook readings, in addition to the online course material, will cover topics in full that may be on the AP Exam.
Read The American Pageant, Chapter 9: Sections:
A Shaky Start Toward Union
Constitution Making in the States
Economic Crosscurrents
Creating a Confederation
The Articles of Confederation: America’s First Constitution
Landmarks in Land Laws
The World’s Ugly Duckling
The Horrid Specter of Anarchy
A Convention of Demigods
Patriots in Philadelphia
Hammering Out a Bundle of Compromises
Safeguards for Conservatism