Post 1 In week five, we went out and took a series

Post 1

In week five, we went out and took a series of photos in a photoshoot with a set intention or theme.  The intention I chose was nature.  A common problem I ran across during my photoshoot was the lighting and my lack of control for the weather.  You can tell the weather was overcast and gloomy with how my photoshoot turned out.   My intention of this photoshoot was to capture some of that gloominess as Fall quickly approaches and the weather gets colder.  However, my photos lacked a lot of light which in turn, hides the details of the overall composition of the photo.  For example, one of elements I tried to capture was the texture and detail of the fungi growing on the dead tree trunks and stumps.  The mushrooms or fungi were littered throughout the forest on this gloomy, Fall day and I wanted to capture that.  I thought the fungus growing on the dead trees and leaves was a good way to represent the seasons changing or more figuratively death to summer.  With Adobe photoshop elements, I was able to add light to some of my photos where I wanted the texture, color, shape, and overall detail to stand out.  The first photo I chose is the tree trunk covered in fungi/mushroom near the green moss infested water (though it looks more like a swamp in my opinion)  In this photo, I used Adobe Elements to lighten everything.  I chose specifically to highlight the white rings on the outer part of the fungi.  I thought those patterns were really cool and represented my theme.  I like the contrast of green, white, and brown/black.  And lightening in photoshop helped bring out all the different elements of this photo.  The expression of the photo changed because now the fungi or mushrooms stand out more, making the dead tree trunk the focus or subject of this composition.  The next photo I used was also taken from my nature photoshoot.  This photo was also edited using photoshop.  I also chose to lighten this one because I didn’t have any other source of light besides the overcast skies.  And like the first one I edited, lightening this photo helped bring out the texture, color, shape, and overall detail to stand out.  Here, the orange leaf is decaying and has fallen off its tree.  Lightening also helped bring out the rugged texture of the leaf’s background.  It also made the orange more vibrant than before.  I chose this photo because I liked this composition and it fills the frame.

The last photo is also from my nature photoshoot from week 5.  The photo features a dead tree that has fallen over in this swampy looking, moss infested water near my house.    I chose this to because black and white photography removes any distraction of color and helps the viewer focus on other aspects of the photo, such as the subject, the textures, shapes and patterns, and the composition.

This ties into the theory of aesthetics because we are editing our photos by reflecting and taking time to think about how we can change the overall composition to make it look better or elicit a specific emotion.  Next, the expression of a photo changes if you crop it because when you crop the photo, you’re filling the frame of the image, making you closer to the subject.  It gives a more intimate feeling about the image.  Lastly, for a 4×6, there should be a minimum of 640 x 480 pixels.  For 8 x 10, there should be 1536 x1024 according to Kodak.

Post 2

I decided to change this photo to black and white because it helps the dog stand out more. With everything being a dork color it helps the dog’s face stand out. Now you can see how nice the dog’s face is. His tooth and his tongue stand out being they are whiteI also noticed that making this photo black and white it gives the photo a feeling that the dog has passed away. In comparison to when the photo had color, the dog looked like he was alive and happy. The only thing is you don’t really pay attention to the dog’s fetuses on his face because you are looking at all the color around him.

For the other shot I decided to have the dog in the same position but the only difference being that the dog is looking away from the camera and not directly to it. This gives the shot a feeling that the dog is macher and has power. His hair shines in the shot and it creates shadows which I like. This helps the view eyes to see the enter dog’s body. I decided to take the shot with a flash because in one of my classmates’ comments she said that the dog and the blanket behind him blend in. inorder for the dog to stand out I decided to use  flash so his hair can shine off him.