post #1 Lysosome is the organelle that disposes of waste within a cell. The lysosome

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Lysosome is the organelle that disposes of waste within a cell. The lysosome can digest used materials from the cell, break down biomolecules, and can even fuse with other organelles to tackle larger materials that need to be digested and broken down.
Lysosome just disposes of waste, really, so in the analogy of the bakery being a cell, the garbage and recycling bins behind the bakery would be the lysosome.
The garbage and recycling bins take all the waste from the bakery and dispose of it. And when the garbage truck comes to pick up the waste from the bins, the bin and truck “fuse” to digest of larger amounts of material, just like lysosome can do within a cell.
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The Golgi apparatus has two other given names them being Golgi complex or Golgi body. The Golgi apparatus is an organelle that is mostly found in eukaryotic cells, the Golgi apparatus plays an important part in these cells sorting and guiding cells and membrane pieces to their rightful places in the cell. To be able to do this the Golgi has vesicles containing various sets of enzymes that react with their proteins that are passing through finding their way to their final destination.
The Golgi apparatus played a role in the creation of plasma membranes , lysosome, cellular organelles and etc.
The Golgi apparatus is like the ingredients/ making of the goods in a bakery because the Golgi acts as almost a assemble factory in the cells’ sending and putting the raw materials together and sending them off where they need to go, putting everything together creating the finished product.