Place citations on each slide using APA guidelines and provide reference slides at the end. Place key points on the slides (maximum 8 words, 5 lines) and the detailed information in the speaker’s notes below the slides.  Please provide recorded audio for each slide. Audio should be clean without interruptions or background noise.  The video at the bottom of the page may be helpful for creating the audio with Power Point. Slides should be professional in appearance have feature pictures and/or graphics as needed.  The goal of the Community Project is to have an opportunity to experience the role of the Community Health Nurse.The project involves three separate steps – we will provide worksheets that will ensure you are identifying the proper criteria to be successful:A thorough community assessment. You will have an opportunity to complete a windshield and researched assessment on your community. During the assessment you will provide a clear picture of the community you chose. This will include:Community InformationCommunity DemographicsHealth DataSocial DataA community teaching proposal focused on prevention. The research completed in the community assessment will identify prevalent chronic, infectious and priority community concerns. You will create a one stop – one hour teaching session for the community. This is only a proposal and not “hands on.”The last step is a disaster assessment of your chosen community. An opportunity to assess the readiness and resources that are available in case there is a disaster.Final Presentation