Product Idea

It’s the moment of truth: your opportunity to demonstrate why your new product or service is worth funding. You have done the research and know that the funding you seek can be a game-changer for the company. Not only will it produce revenue and profitability, but more importantly, it will strategically set the company apart from its competition.
The Company: Apple Inc
The Product: Window Mounted Solar Charger
Value proposition: Describe the company’s current value proposition in the market.Describe the selected company’s main product or service.
Discuss the company’s overall strategic plan.

Competitive advantage: Describe the competitive advantage the company will gain by funding the project.Describe how you discovered an opportunity to do something better than your competitors.
Determine how the new product or service shifts the value proposition of the company.

Risks and opportunities: Establish the risks and growth opportunities of the company.Determine if the new product or service could disrupt the current industry.
Identify the risks associated with the development of this new product or service.

Growth opportunities: Describe the areas of potential growth for the company.Identify the growth opportunities within the company.
Explain how the competitive advantage allows for growth.

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