professional project

Material is well communicated and of high-quality contentOrganisation and structure of essay/report/campaign/journalism/pitchClarity of expressionMeeting word count, referencing and formatting instructionsEvidence of research and scholarly attribution of sources2. The submission meets the criteria of its relevant genre in terms of design and scopeClear context and rationale for the studySuitability and justification of chosen genre to the research projectAwareness of audience or target market depending on genre and topicThe explanation for innovation and/or significance of the project3. The contents are based on some form of self-conducted investigation or observation of a relevant aspect of communications and mediaUnderstanding the materials and engaging with scholarshipTheoretical knowledge applied to the projectUtilising methods in response to the research questionProviding data analysis for the application and project outcomeFeedback of my project proposalA sound proposal. A few suggestions: – I would narrow this down by choosing a specific social media platform and, just one generation (e,g Gen Z or Millennials as both demographic present differing social media and buying behaviours). UNLESS you want to do a comparison between the two, in which case you need to tweak your question. – I think you need to think deeper about how you are going to structure this essay and what themes you are going to explore, Your ideas sound very broad at this point. – I would like to see more examples of theoretical knowledge applied to real-life situationsMy tutor also suggested me that take a survey (questionnaire) at least 10 people in this project.