Professor’s Comment: Your question of “How mental health has affected the productivity

Professor’s Comment:

Your question of “How mental health has affected the productivity of human beings. ” is a great one and there’s actually an entire field of psychology devoted to it – Industrial Organizational Psychology (or I/O Psych) (Links to an external site.)- it combines psychology and business.

Nice explanation of how mental health and productivity can be related.

Remember that a hypothesis is a testable prediction. You are hypothesizing that your DV  (what you’re measuring) will be affected by your IV (what you’re manipulating or categorizing). So let’s take your hypotheses one at a time:

My hypothesis to the research problem can be categorized as; how employers at the workplace have handled the element of mental health among their employees has been ineffective. This is more of a statement than a prediction, right? What would be your DV and IV? 

The second hypothesis would be that mental health has greatly affected the productivity of human beings in the workplace (Rouhanizadeh and Kermanshachi 2021). That may be a workable hypothesis because your have a DV (productivity) and an IV (mental health with levels good mental health and bad mental health – of course you’d have to define what these mean).

Finally, my last hypothesis would be that mental awareness needs to be enhanced to protect human beings from the effects of stress and depression. This is also a statement.

You didn’t mention how you would approach this question (how mental health and productivity) from the different perspectives laid out above and in your book – you should re-read that section and answer this again.

Finally you mention that “One thing that still confuses me is the fact that proper mental awareness needs the intervention of the organizations themselves and this remains a mirage.” Can you explain a bit more about this? Are you confused as to why institutions are not providing people with proper mental health awareness? Can you think of any reasons why not? (hint: stigma of mental health)