Project ERD diagram

The project should include the following elements:
Table of contents
Next, your project should document the information system requirements using text, models of the future system. The models should follow the Structural or UML object-oriented method.
Project Description
The project should address a real life situation and be implemental.
The B-C e-commerce topic for the project is HOTEL BOOKING SYSTEM, for this project use the Hilton in Hawaii hotel. More information can be found on
Phase 1:Identify new processes, data, and data flows for the new system. Your new model should be able to eliminate (at least partially) the problems that you had identified in the current system. Prepare the new logical model that includes
If you use a structural method prepare the following for the proposed Web-site:
1. Data Flow Diagrams the Web site.
2. Data dictionary
3. Process description
If you use object-oriented analysis method prepare the following for the proposed Web-site:
Process Model: Use-Case Diagrams for critical business processes
Data Model: A class diagram
Object Behavior Model: A Sequence Diagram for the major Use Case.
state transition diagrams
activity diagrams
Documentation of all data used in the above models
Phase 2:Transform the logical model into a detailed design. The design should include: