project – global enterprises

The Team Project: You are a member of a team that has been tasked with
performing a detailed Country Analysis and Market Entry Strategy for
expanding international business to one of the following countries: China,
India, Philippines, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Germany, France, and
Italy or any country of your choice .In brief, your team will analyze the
political, economic, legal and cultural environment of the country; outline the
challenges and opportunities of conducting business in that country and
provide relevant guidelines and recommendations for entering the market. You
will be examining the country from every possible perspective areas you will
consider include: Economic and business environment, political environment,
cultural analysis, market opportunity, and market entry strategy
 Instructions for Written Project:
 The written project should be about (2000-2500) words.
 Each team must prepare to present its project using Microsoft PowerPoint, and
we expect that the required preparation and presentation will be in a highly
professional manner that appropriates to the level of executive MBA students IMPORTANT NOTE: we choose ITALY to analyze and the structure of document is as below “almost unless you have addition or amendment
Market Analysis