Project plan 1 Project Plan Alesha January American Military University 18 May

Project plan 1

Project Plan

Alesha January

American Military University

18 May 2022

Project Plan

Project title

DFJ customer care software

Project timeline

1st June 2022- 20th December 2022

Project goals

To develop application software to facilitate the provision of customer care services

Create an interface for interaction of the management of a business and the customers.

Establish a feedback mechanism for the customers to the business

Scope description

The project is expected to be accomplished within six months after the commencement met of the development.

The month of the project would involve gathering the client’s relevant requirements.

Afterwards, the project manager would collaborate with a team of developers to analyze and design the project.

The analysis and design of the project will be done in month 2 of the project.

Value of the project

Increased customer satisfaction

Improve the organizational dispute resolution mechanism of the organization.

Improvement of the quality of service delivery.

The project would also improve my customer care skill and services.

Communication medium

Communication among the different stakeholders inveigled in the development of these projects would vary in the different stages of the project.

In the initial phase of gathering the requirements, the project team would have regular meetings to brainstorm how to meet the different desires of the client at the minimum cost.

The project team member will have a daily virtual meeting to brainstorm on the progress of the daily task.

The project manager would similarly have a weekly one on one meeting with the project team leaders to be notified about the project’s progress.

After every two weeks, the entire team will have a joint physical meeting to deliberate on the plan’s progress, challenges, and adjustments.

Task assignment and deadline

Upon successful analysis and design, the project manager will distribute different roles to different project teams through the respective team leaders.

Every task assigned to the team is expected to be accomplished within a week before the weekly review of the project’s progress.

Regular testing of the project modules will be done to ensure the proper functionality of the project.

Finalization of the project.

Before the close of November, the project should be completed.

This would give the team a review of the client’s requirement and test whether the project functions as intended.

How can business enterprises improve customer care services using technology?

After thorough consideration and investigation of customer satisfaction with the existing customer care service in various organizations, a large portion of them have expressed their dissatisfaction with them. Most business organizations use a one on one customer care desk. However, the performance of such customer care services is poor. We the technological inventions virtual care to customers is the appropriate criteria that can best suit the challenge. The DFJ software can mitigate most of the gaps in customer care services.