Proposal For A Program To Establish A Bourbon Tasting For Lexington Griffin

Proposal For A Program To Establish A Bourbon Tasting For Lexington Griffin Gate Marriott Resort

The Lexington Griffin Gate Marriott Resort is a luxurious hospitality establishment that focuses on offering premium services to its hundreds of customers daily. Located in Lexington, Kentucky, the resort is a popular destination for travelers seeking a combination of ambiance, good meals, and ultimate leisure. With more than 28,000 square feet of area, the resort has spacious eateries in different categories, conference rooms, and a state-of-the-art gold course for its visitors. Despite all these, the hotel still has the potential to make a few additions to its service portfolio. Here, its location and current competitive advantages can allow it to offer customers a bourbon tasting experience. To do this, a program involving the idea conception through research, space conversion, staff hiring to advertising is needed to transform the resort into a destination resort.

The first critical step in establishing a bourbon tasting experience is researching various aspects that affect and shape how it operates as a mini-industry in hospitality. The aforesaid research needs to be multi-faced, and it must first seek to establish the kind of players involved in bourbon tasting, possible competitors, required licensing, and regulations. It is vital to develop the dynamics affecting the bourbon tasting business and how other companies are doing it to gain industry knowledge. Also, the research should involve searching for crucial information about the market. The market, in this case, encompasses potential customers and their expectations (PennState Extension). Besides this, research should include establishing aspects of pricing and the players in the supply chain. The Lexington Griffin Gate Marriott Resort will gain more information on this niche with good research.

Once the relevant information has been gathered, there is the need to budget and embark on setting up the bourbon tasting section of the resort. The resort currently has enough space, making the whole process easy. Rather than construct from scratch, the management needs to convert one of the conference halls or any appropriate resort section into a bourbon tasting section. Among the key things that need to be done in this process include visualizing the required space and laying down architectural plans for conversion. This should consider the location, floor space, parking, and accessibility (PennState Extension). Important to mention that if these amenities and facilities are not available or enough, necessary steps should be taken to avail them.

The next step is ensuring enough storage for different bourbon s that will be used as inventory. Currently, the hotel has no bourbon storage, so there is a need for contracting a cooper to make barrels. Since the hotel has no carpentry department, the services will be outsourced to an independent cooper who will craft the barrel. The essence of doing this is to ensure that quality barrels are made (De Benedittis). The need for storage barrels is not only to offer enough space for storage, but also to age the drinks, making them rich in flavor as time passes.

To ensure that customers are served efficiently, there is the need to create a point-of-sale system that is well integrated with the rest of the customer relationship management (CRM) system. With such a point-of-sale system, it ensures seamless serving of customers while ensuring a clear audit trail of the sales made. Needless to note, the point of purchase should also be integrated with various payment methods for easy checkout.

With everything laid down, Lexington Griffin Gate Marriott Resort must create its unique bourbon tasting experience. Here, the resort needs to ensure that there are experts to determine the most desired bourbon s by customers. For each of the selected ones, there is the need for the experts to examine the appearance, taste, and aftertaste of the bourbons (De Benedittis). This ensures that the bourbon s sold are of high and desirable quality. Furthermore, there is a need to create a unique tasting menu for the customers.

Once everything has been done, there is the need to hire best bartenders and waiters. Only candidates with good experience in this area should be engaged in these capacities. Since they will be pioneers, the first employees must have at least two years of bourbon tasting. This needs to lay down good management and operations in the department. Also, there is the need to ensure that the people hired are of high integrity and possess superb customer service skills.

Advertising and welcoming customers should follow. This can be done in various ways. To begin with, a review of the current resort adverts should be made, so that the bourbon tasting is incorporated. Besides, there is the need to make catalogs to give visiting patrons. This is to encourage them to see the bourbon tasting site. Lastly, there is the need for discounted themed events. These are important in ensuring that the business can attract new customers.

In sum, if this program is followed to the letter, the resort would quickly start a bourbon tasting experience, making its current offering even more exciting. Precisely, the resort would see more loyalty from its existing customers and likely gain new customers. With its superb customer service and offering, the program would quickly transform the resort into a destination resort.

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