Proposals (RFP)

Proposals may include no more than 8 double spaced pages of text, not including title page, abstract, table of contents, references, and any appendices. Minimum font size is 10 points and minimum margins are 1 inch on all sides. References and citations should be presented using ASA style guidelines. Relevant materials related to research ethics and Institutional Review Board guidelines must be submitted as an appendix to the proposal. Other appendices may include, but are not limited to, surveys, interview schedules, background statistics, and letters of support from collaborators. All proposals should use mixed methods (both survey research and qualitative research). Funded projects will have a maximum budget of $5,000 including principal investigator salary and benefits. The maximum project length is 6 months although first phases of longitudinal projects will be considered Appendix must includeGoogle Form Survey Ethics Consent FormBibliographyBudgetTimeline  Final proposal must contain a short abstract before the Introduction. Remember that an abstract is Not an introduction to your proposal but rather a brief summary of your overall proposal’s key elements.All red markups and other visible editing features from your Draft Proposal and Appendix items must be corrected and/or deleted in your Final Proposal submission.  This also includes the blue text and brackets from the original Proposal template; your submission should contain only black text.